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Truckload vs. LTL Shipping: Deciding Which Option is Right for You

Truckload vs. LTL Shipping: Deciding Which Option is Right for You

When shipping your goods, it’s important to consider multiple factors when deciding if LTL shipping or truckload shipping is the best option for your company. Here’s what you need to know about these two popular shipping options to make an informed decision.

Truckload Shipping

Truckload shipping means that you use a single truck to move your items from your starting point to your final destination. There are no stops along the way, and your items are the only things on the truck.

Benefits of Truckload Shipping

Truckload shipping is considered the fastest shipping method, once your truck is in transit. Since your goods remain on one trailer the whole trip, there’s less handling which means they’re less likely to be broken or damaged during their journey.

Downsides to Truckload Shipping

It can take time to have enough goods to fill up an entire truck. This means that even though your shipping time itself is shorter, you may not be able to make shipments as frequently.

LTL Shipping

LTL (less than truckload) shipping means that you share space on a truck with other shippers. Once your goods are loaded, they don’t travel directly to their destination.

Instead, the truck will likely make additional stops along the way to pick up items from other shippers. Your goods may be unloaded and rearranged several times during their shipment

Benefits of LTL Shipping

LTL shipping allows you to make smaller shipments more frequently since you’re able to share trailer space with other shippers.

You only pay for the portion of the trailer that you use, making LTL shipping a cost-effective alternative.

Disadvantages of LTL Shipping

Your shared truck will make multiple stops along its routes, which means that your goods will take slightly longer to reach their destination.

The frequent rearranging of your goods can cause them to be more likely to be damaged or lost while in transit. However, when using a reputable shipping company, your goods are most likely to arrive in their original condition.

Choosing Your Shipping Method

Your ideal shipping method will depend on how much you’re shipping, how comfortable you are having the items handled multiple times, and your preferred shipping speed.

If you have a truck full of goods and want to send them as quickly as possible, truckload shipping is your best option. When you have a small shipment that you want to send as soon as possible at an affordable rate, LTL shipping will allow you to do so.

Learn More About LTL Shipping and Truckload Shipping

Have more questions about when to use LTL shipping and when to opt for truckload shipping or other shipping methods? Contact AMR Group Logistics Worldwide at 702-800-6385 for more info or to request a quote.

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The Advantages of Air Freight Shipping

The Advantages of Air Freight Shipping

Air freight shipping is a fast, convenient delivery option that will ensure your shipments safely reach their destinations on your timetable. Whether you’re concerned about your shipments getting lost during the delivery process or your deliveries getting lost before they reach their final destination, air freight is an excellent solution for many of your shipping concerns. Here are some of the top advantages of air freight shipping.

Air Freight is a Fast Shipping Option

One of the top advantages of opting for air transportation is the speed at which your deliveries can reach their destinations. If you’re searching for a shipping method that offers dependable same-day or next-day delivery, air freight is a terrific shipping method to make sure your deliveries arrive on schedule.

Air Freight is a Reliable Shipping Alternative

With air freight, it’s rare for deliveries to go missing. When you ship your goods, your air freight company will provide you with a website to track the location of your cargo. You can see when your cargo departs, its location during shipping, and when it reaches its destination.

Air cargo airlines adhere to a strict arrival and departure schedule. While other shipping methods are easily impacted by traffic and other logistical issues that can cause delays, air freight is less likely to be impacted by those scheduling issues.

Air Freight is a Cost-Effective Shipping Solution

Shipping expenses comprise a significant expense for many companies. If you’re looking to maximize the value of your shipping expenditures, air freight shipping will help you do so.

Since your goods travel via cargo plane, they’re able to ship in lightweight packaging that needs less packing materials. Thanks to the reliability of air freight, you can often lower your insurance premiums to mitigate the costs associated with air cargo transportation.

Air Freight is a Secure Method for Transporting Your Goods

Any items that travel via air cargo are subject to strict regulations and screenings. The hubs that receive air freight shipments are monitored and secured, decreasing the chances that your shipments are stolen, damaged, or go missing. The shorter transit times also boost the security of your shipments.

Air Freight Allows You to Ship to More Destinations

Another advantage of air freight shipping is that it expands your company’s footprint. Your company can rapidly transport its goods to areas that might otherwise be too time-consuming to reach.

Air Freight Shipping Available Now AT AMR Group

AMR Group offers domestic and international air freight shipping, including Next Flight Out, Next-Say, Second Day or Economy Service. We are available to assist you 24/7 from start to finish to ensure all of your shipments are shipped on time. Ready to use air freight for your shipping needs? Contact AMR Group online or give us a call at 702-800-6385 to request a rate today!

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What Is the Best Way to Ship Internationally?

What Is the Best Way to Ship Internationally?

There are several factors to consider before selecting a method to ship internationally. Furthermore, choosing the wrong method can affect your logistics. Your shipping method should be suitable for your business, affordable and reliable. The information below is a guide to help you decide between air, sea and land for international shipping.

How fast do you need it?

Time is money in logistics. The delivery duration affects your timelines, client deadlines, customers, and goods production. Air freight parcel delivery is often faster than sea freight and truckload shipping. Furthermore, airlines are available globally, which enhances international shipping.

For instance, the transit time for air freight is often just a few days and as short as a couple of hours for faster air couriers.

If you want fast turnaround times for imports, manufacture, distribution, retail, and any part of your supply chain, choose a reliable global freight forwarder to collect and deliver items to your warehouses and your customers’ doorsteps.

What Are You Shipping?

The weight, size and volume of goods you are shipping affect how you can ship internationally. If you need to move light and small packages, air transport is suitable to ship internationally. Air carriers are also ideal for special and fragile goods.

However, if you are shipping large volumes of goods or moving heavy objects, truckload & LTL shipping, as well as sea shipping are also reliable options. Often, sea and land transport work together.

How much does it cost?

When you can flexibly choose between different methods of transport, costs become a crucial factor. You cannot ship internationally if you cannot afford available transport methods and companies. Therefore, it’s best to choose the method that costs you the least, not only in transport costs but also in other business costs.

Suppose you can ship goods to the customer’s doorstep through the air within three days or through the sea in two weeks. Assume that it’s also cheaper to ship via sea than air, but it takes an incredibly long waiting period. However, if your competition can offer the same goods in two days or lower, you’ll lose customers. In such a case, it’s sustainable to ship by air.

Remember that costs vary depending on the number and weight of the transported goods. Investigate the carrier charges and any extra charges in forwarding your freight internationally. Generally, the following rules apply:

  • Airlines charge based on weight, which is found by combining the weight and size of the shipment.
  • Sea carriers charge per container but can also use weight.
  • Rail and road carriers charge based on distance and size.

When shipping internationally, remember there will always be customs and destination fees. In addition, there may be warehousing fees, repackaging fees, and other costs involved in the shipping process.

Are they reliable?

You need a reliable transport method that is adequately predictable for your needs. Air is your best option if you count down shipments and deliveries to the day and hour. Most airlines and carriers adhere to strict schedules. However, if you can wait weeks for packages without disrupting your supply chain, shipping via sea freight or truckload & LTL shipping may also be suitable options.

Ship Internationally to More than 60 Countries at AMR Group

Ultimately, the best way to ship internationally depends on your business needs. AMR Group Logistics Worldwide helps you ship goods efficiently and quickly internationally. We handle air freight, sea freight, and truckload and LTL shipping. Contact us online or by phone at 702-800-6385 to ship your products to any corner of the globe!

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What to Consider When Using Sea Freight for Freight Shipping

What to Consider When Using Sea Freight for Freight Shipping

Sea freight shipping is an affordable and environmentally-friendly shipping alternative for shipping items internationally for multiple reasons. Here’s what you should keep in mind when deciding if sea freight is the best shipping alternative for your company.

Your Costs

The costs for shipping items via sea freight are some of the most affordable shipping rates available. When shipping internationally and or with large and heavy items, the average cost of sea freight shipping can be as much as four to six times cheaper when compared to other types of shipping methods.

If you have a small shipment that doesn’t require an entire container, you can group your items with other shippers’ goods to reduce your expenses even more.

Your Shipping Options

Another advantage of sea freight is that there are minimal restrictions about what items you can ship. Sea freight can accommodate heavy or oversized items that can’t be transported using other shipping methods.

Since ships are designed to safely transport dangerous or volatile cargo, they’re an excellent option for safely shipping items that are potentially dangerous. Your items will be sealed and locked to ensure they’re not a danger to the ship’s crew during their travels.

Your Potential Destinations

Sea freight allows you to ship items across the globe. If you need to ship items to a destination that’s difficult to reach, sea freight is a reliable shipping method that ensures that your items get there safely.

Your Ideal Environmental Impact

If you like to utilize practices that minimize your impact on the environment, sea freight is generally regarded as one of the most environmentally friendly shipping methods.

Ships have lower carbon footprints and fewer gas emissions than other shipping methods. New technology continues to make new ships even less detrimental to the environment.

Get Started with Sea Freight Shipping

Ready to start using sea freight shipping to transport your goods? Contact AMR Group at 702-800-6385 or request a rate online today.

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What to Look for in Quality Trade Show Freight Forwarders

AMR Group Is a Leading Choice for Trade Show Freight Forwarders

Trade shows are essential for new and established businesses to connect with customers and network with other companies. Choosing the right trade show shipping company makes all the difference in a stress-free trade show. Instead of worrying about your materials making it to the right booth on time, use these tips to choose a shipping company you can trust.  

Tips for Choosing the Right Trade Show Freight Forwarders

Not All Shipping Companies Are Equal
A company that focuses on trade show shipping knows the ins and outs of the process. They should also have experience shipping all over the world and be able to offer you over one kind of shipping service to meet your needs. The right trade show freight forwarders will offer:

  • Air Freight: Send items with a short turnaround.
  • Sea Freight: Ideal for large items in situations where you have plenty of time. 
  • Truckload & LTL Shipping: Gets your products from ports to the final destination.
  • Warehouse Storage: Never worry about where to put your goods between shows.
  • Shipment Tracking: Check to see where your cargo is and when it’s expected to arrive.

Once you’ve picked the right trade show shipping company, you can focus on your business and the show, rather than stressing about where your products are and if they’ll arrive in time. 

Mitigate Drayage & Marshal Yard Fees
Two factors that your shipping company won’t have direct control over are drayage (materials handling between the truck and your booth), and fees from waiting in the marshaling yard to unload the truck. 

A local union will usually perform drayage, and experienced trade show shipping companies will have standing face-to-face relationships with the union. Good relationships can prevent misunderstandings during the last leg of shipment and make sure your products get to the booth without delay or incident. 

Long-standing shipping companies delivering multiple truckloads may get the standard marshal yard fees discounted or waived. You can rely on an experienced shipping company to navigate these fees and processes.

Experience and Outreach
A shipping company with thousands of events served in over sixty countries has more than just experience. They also have a wide network of partners working for you to make sure your shipment arrives safe and on time, as expected. Experienced agents can move your shipment with efficiency across the globe, so you don’t have to deal with paperwork and multiple points of contact. When a shipping company is working worldwide, you can trust they’ll know where your cargo is and when it should arrive.

Focus on Customer Service 

When your business is counting on high quality displays to connect with customers and businesses, expect 24-hour-customer-help via both phone and email. A staff agent should be on-hand to make sure your shipment gets to the right booth and provide support for you and your team. No matter where in the world your trade show might be. 

AMR Group is a top choice for exhibitors looking to hire trade show freight forwarders for both domestic and international trade shows. Contact us at 702-800-6385 to discuss your needs, or request a free, online quote.

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Tradeshow Logistics Tips for First-time Exhibitors

Our Tradeshow Logistics Company Can Handle Your Exhibit Shipping Needs

If you’re attending your first tradeshow, handling all the tradeshow logistics for a successful exhibit can be a bit nerve-wracking. These tips will help you properly prepare for your show and ensure you feel ready to effectively promote your product or service to potential customers: 

1. Start with a Small Exhibit
Since it’s your first trade show, you might be tempted to set up a large exhibit so you can showcase as many of your products or services as possible. However, it’s best to start with a small booth and a moderate number of products or demos.

This gives you a chance to learn more about tradeshow logistics so that you can use your knowledge to adapt your exhibit. You can see what products or displays do well at the tradeshow and which ones are a miss. Experiment with the design and layout of your exhibit until you find the best configuration for your business. Once you have a better understanding of effective tradeshow logistics, you can start to expand your exhibit. 

2. Recruit Experienced Staff for the Show
You may only have one chance to create a solid first impression with prospective customers. If you’re using your internal staff for the show, choose experienced employees who are comfortable with customer interaction and thoroughly understand the ins and outs of your company’s offerings.

Depending on the size of your company and your employee availability, you might need to use a staffing agency to staff your tradeshow exhibit. Should you need to go this route, make sure you use an agency with staffers who have ample experience in your industry and working tradeshow exhibits. 

3. Request Shipping Quotes for Your Tradeshow at the Appropriate Time
Many businesses utilize a company that ships tradeshow materials to make sure they have everything they need for their exhibit (without having to worry about moving everything themselves or setting up their own booths). If you decide to use a tradeshow shipping service, you need to make sure you request a shipping quote at the appropriate time.

Ideally, you should obtain quotes for shipping your materials a month or two prior to your event. This will give you ample time to compare quotes and decide what company you want to use. If you request shipping quotes prior to two months before your event, rates might change due to fluctuating fuel costs and your quote won’t be as accurate. 

Hire a Tradeshow Logistics Company

AMR Group is a tradeshow logistics company that will handle all aspects of shipping and exhibit delivery for you. Contact us today at 702-800-6385 for more information.

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What Newbies Should Know About Tradeshow Shipping

A Newbie’s Guide to Tradeshow Shipping

As a beginner, tradeshow shipping can be a daunting task. You need to find a tradeshow and event logistics partner, familiarize yourself with shipping regulations and ensure your cargo gets to the desired destination in time. Although overseeing tradeshow & events logistics can be quite difficult, you can still get all your exhibition materials delivered successfully. Here’s what you need to know in order for your first tradeshow shipping to go on smoothly.

1. Have All Important Information
Before shipping your goods, get your facts right about all the important details concerning your tradeshow and shipping. Know all the deadlines to ensure you meet them and avoid penalties and fines. These include stipulated move-in and move-out dates, as well as the stipulated times for both advance warehouse shipments and those to be shipped directly to the show.

Knowing your dates lets you know how much time you have so you can prepare materials and shipments adequately. Also, familiarize yourself with shipping regulations to ensure you acquire the right permits; although this can be handled by your tradeshow & event logistics partner. Make sure you have the contacts of your carrier’s customer care, general contractor and the show decorator, just in case problems arise.

2. Have a Packing List of All the Necessary Items
Prepare a packing list for all the necessary items you are going to need for your tradeshow, and ensure you pack them all. Don’t forget to include staples and staplers, markers, shrink wrappers and scissors to help you unpack and set up your booth much faster.

Use packaging materials that stand out, and label your event pieces appropriately for easy identification. Also, carry along your shipping information so it can be easy to track your cargo in case of any delays.

3. Ship to An Advanced Warehouse
You have two options when shipping your materials in preparation for your tradeshow: shipping to an advance warehouse or shipping directly to the show site. If your materials arrive early, you can ship them to an advanced warehouse where they’ll be kept until the day of the show. When shipping to the show site, your materials are delivered directly to the venue.

It is recommended to always ship to an advanced warehouse. You’ll have more time to rectify any issues with your freight and prepare for your exhibition. Goods shipped to an advanced warehouse are also prioritized when unloading and are attended before those shipped to the show site directly.

4. Material Handling/Drayage Costs
Material handling/drayage refers to the transit of goods to and from the tradeshow venue. When budgeting for your tradeshow, ensure you factor in drayage costs which may vary depending on the type of shipment, time and the amount of handling needed. Drayage cost not only includes transportation, but also clearing and storage if empty cartons after you have set up your booth.

To avoid incurring high costs, ensure your shipment’s details are correct and that you observe the stipulated dates and deadlines for deliveries and move-ins. Also, you can ship small boxes on a pallet, or consolidate all your materials and avoid shipping in multiple small boxes.

Contact Our Tradeshow & Event Logistics Company Today

It goes without saying that the success of your shipping depends on the tradeshow & event logistics partner you work with. AMR Group has all the needed expertise and professionalism to successfully deliver your exhibition materials globally. Contact us today to get a customized shipping rate and learn more about how we can help you.

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Tips for a Successful Heavy Haul Shipment with a Tradeshow Transportation Company

Tips for Minimizing Problems During Heavy Haul Shipping

Heavy haul refers to wide loads that exceed the set measurement standards for loads in terms of weight height or length. This can make your tradeshow shipping stressful as it requires extra effort to ensure cargo reaches its destination as expected and in good shape. However, working with a competent tradeshow transportation company can ease the burden of the whole process. To help you ensure your heavy haul shipping faces as little hurdles as possible, here are helpful tips to follow:

1. Inform Your Carrier in Advance and Get Information Regarding Your Permits
Shipping such enormous loads comes with loads of responsibility and challenges. It is, therefore, prudent to inform your tradeshow transportation company in advance the details of your shipment to allow for early preparation. This eliminates the last-minute rush that comes with your carrier trying to make adjustments to accommodate your heavy haul. 

Since most carriers always handle the permits and include the costs in shipping charges, you want to confirm that this is true. Otherwise, understand the legal requirements for shipping your cargo and obtain the necessary permits.

2. Get Your Measurements Right
The measurement details of your load determine the type of permits you require to transport your cargo. Ensure that you not only have accurate measurements, but also the serial numbers, the make and model of your cargo to make the process easier. Keep in mind that even a slight error can greatly alter your routes, permits and costs.  In case of incorrect details, you’ll have to reapply for another permit using the right dimensions which will cost you time.

3. Know Any Special Requirements You’ll Need
Heavy haul requires special handling due to the size of the load. Establish what you’ll need to facilitate the loading and offloading of cargo. Whether you need a forklift for pallet-stacked items or a crane for the large irregularly shaped items, you should ensure they are available beforehand. Also, establish if you need flags or tarping, and how to secure your cargo if it is fragile.

4. Plan Adequately
Shipping heavy haul needs a lot of early planning for it to be a success. Consider taking advantage of the time by getting everything ready for the shipping early. This includes getting the right tradeshow transportation company early, obtaining the permits, getting the necessary loading and offloading equipment and running your routes early.

While you may have prepared well, understand that everything may not go as planned. Hence, you should prepare for an unexpected circumstance such as foul weather, construction zones which may change the truck’s routes, and permit difference for different states and counties.  

5. Work with The Right Company
Engaging the right tradeshow transportation company for trucking services is essential in ensuring that your load arrives at its destination safely and on time. You want to look for adequately insured professionals with experience in heavy haul. The trucking company you choose should also come highly recommended and have minimal to no injury claims, and with favorable payment terms.

Ship Your Heavy Haul Goods with Our Tradeshow Transportation Company

To eliminate the inconvenience and costs from delays, you want your heavy haul handled by an expert tradeshow transportation company like AMR GroupContact us today for reliable and efficient heavy haul shipping services.

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Does Cargo Insurance Affect Tradeshow Freight Rate?

Get a Tradeshow Freight Rate from AMR Group

The United States is a huge market, offering true diversity in cultures, industries and locations. Several venues in the U.S. play host to exhibitions and conferences all year round, from Miami in the southeast to Anchorage, Alaska, almost 5,000 miles away. As exhibitors ship their items from all corners of the world, one question that always crops up is the escalating tradeshow freight rate. Does cargo insurance add to the cost, and how can you bring down the cost?

What Is Cargo Insurance?
Every tradeshow exhibitor needs a tailor-made cargo insurance coverage to provide the best protection possible when shipping in cargo. You need a shipping company that ensures your shipment moves without damage. Due to the delicate nature of the tradeshow industry and the extreme weather conditions often experienced across the nation, some circumstances are often beyond the control of your freight company.

When you purchase cargo insurance, you can rest assured a broader range of risks is covered. The cost of replacing your tradeshow booth can far exceed your yearly tradeshow budget, and that’s a risk you don’t want to take. Cargo insurance protects your investment and gives you peace of mind. Ensure the policy terms cover shipments into the tradeshow, within the show site, and out of the tradeshow.

How Can Cargo Insurance Lower Your Tradeshow Freight Rate?
It’s strongly recommended you purchase cargo insurance with a company that is experienced in shipping tradeshow exhibits and products. They understand the intricacies in this industry and will more likely handle your items with the utmost care they deserve. Here are some questions to ask when choosing cargo insurance coverage and bring down your tradeshow freight rate:

  • What is your deductible?
  • Does the amount of your deductible make your cargo insurance more cost-effective?
  • Does your policy cover concealed damage when a delivery receipt was signed off “clean”?
  • Are your exhibits covered when on the show floor?

In general, your cargo insurance should cover damage during transit, loss during transit, damage or loss while on the show floor, water damage, breakage, pilferage, and concealed damages if the inspection determines that the damage might have occurred in transit.

Work with the Experts!
Cargo insurance is designed to respond to unforeseen accidents or events that affect your goods while in transit. AMR Group has been shipping tradeshow and event exhibits to more than 60 countries for several years. With an international network of partners and agents, you can expect exquisite services from one of the industry’s top logistics companies in the world. AMR’s cargo insurance is customized to cover your tradeshow exhibits into and out of the tradeshow as well as coverage while on the tradeshow floor (up to 30 days). Contacts us today to begin the conversation with one of our friendly cargo insurance experts or request a tradeshow freight rate.

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Tips for Shipping Freight During the Winter

Winter Freight Shipping Tips

When winter is in full swing and your tradeshow exhibition is just around the corner, you may start loosing sleep because of the shipping mishaps that winter brings. Not only can it lead to delays, but your exhibition goods can easily get damaged by the frigid temperatures. But, you don’t have to put your business on hold just because it is a chilly season.

Whether you are shipping via road, sea or air, you can still get your freight to its destination undamaged and in time for display with the right tradeshow transportation company. At AMR Group, we’ve compiled these few tips to help you make the duration of your winter shipping a success.

Plan Ahead, and Schedule Your Shipping Earlier

Adverse winter weather, like too much snow or ice, may lead to the closure of ports, disruption of flights and impaired road transport. Make sure you’ve flexible plans in place so you can quickly make adjustments without hurting your delivery time. Although you can control other aspects of your shipping, the weather can be unpredictable.

Plan ahead by ensuring you have everything required for your shipping, and prioritize time-sensitive items by having them shipped first, just in case there are delays. By doing everything earlier and allowing some time to react to unforeseen circumstances, you ensure your freight is delivered in time.

Know Your Shipment

The nature of your shipment determines how you are going to ship them and what safety measures you’ll put in place to ensure its safety in the extreme winter weather. Items, such as food, chemicals and electronics, are vulnerable in extreme cold and need protection against the low temperatures.

Using vacuum-sealed packaging will protect your goods from moisture damage even if they are insensitive to temperatures. You may also need tarping, and heated trucks for items that get damaged if frozen. While climate-controlled shipping may seem more costly, it’s better than having your goods damaged.

Communication, Communication, Communication

Being in constant contact with your tradeshow transport company when shipping freight either by road, sea or air is important. With AMR Group, your dedicated operations contact will keep you updated every step of the way. You’ll always know your freight’s transit situation, any challenges occur as well as the expected time of arrival of your goods. By communicating with all the parties involved, you’ll be prepared for any challenges and mitigate the effects of any hurdles your shipping may face.

Work with The Best Tradeshow Transportation Company

AMR Group has experience anticipating challenges and finding solutions. We are reliable, efficient and offer you value for your money to help you ship your goods. By working with our experts, you won’t have to worry about much of the delays that come with shipping during winter.

Overcome Winter Shipping Blues by Partnering AMR Group

Working with an experienced tradeshow transportation company like the AMR Group will help you ship your goods successfully regardless of the season. Contact us today for all your tradeshow shipping needs.

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