International Tradeshow Shipping Made Easy With Our Network of Industry Professionals

The tradeshow circuit, regardless of your industry, will likely span the entire country, if not the globe. As your business expands, so will your need to connect with consumers, partners, and potential clients in other corners of the world. However, you can’t simply pack your tradeshow equipment into carry-ons or checked baggage. This not only becomes expensive but, depending on the size of your display, is not a viable option. To make sure you have everything you need, when you need it, where you need it, you need to take advantage of the international tradeshow shipping provided by AMR Group.

Shipping Services Available

The right form of international tradeshow shipping heavily depends on where you need your items, the kind of material you’re shipping, and when you need it to arrive by. These individual factors will play a major role in the kind of shipping you take advantage of. AMR Group offers a number of international freight services.

Both air and sea freight options are available. Sea freight is excellent when you need to move larger amounts of equipment or objects and have time to wait for cargo ships to make port.

In other instances, air freight allows you to send and receive the necessary items with a shorter turn around.

Truckload & LTL shipping is also part of the AMR Group international shipping network. Your materials are secured and loaded from the port of entry, and then, transported to the final destination. Whether you’re traveling from Los Angeles to Seoul, or from Chicago to Cairo, all of your international shipping needs are taken care of.

Determine Your Cost Ahead of Time

Prior to scheduling out your international tradeshow shipping for individual events, your company should have a firm understanding of potential costs. International shipping costs can vary based on a number of factors. Beyond weight and the time frame, the specific material and the eventual destination will play a role in the final cost.

You don’t want to be caught off guard when it comes to international shipping. Request a shipping rate or contact us at your earliest convenience to discuss rates and explore your shipping options.

By understanding the potential costs to send your displays and material to international destinations, you’ll be able to budget your tradeshows better and know what kind of finances you have available.

Take the Worry Out of International Shipping

Transporting and shipping your tradeshow materials internationally can prove stressful. You need to know your equipment and displays will arrive at the desired destination in time and in one piece. To help reduce the stress, it is best to go with a single service provider. With AMR Group, your items remain within the shipping network, ensuring you are always kept in the loop regarding where your shipment is.

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