Oversized freight refers to freight that exceeds the limits of defined standards in terms of weight and dimensions. Typically, oversized freight is one whose dimensions exceed 2.59m in width, 4.11m in height and over 48-53 ft in height, although the limits may vary with state.

Oversized freight usually includes heavy machinery and equipment, artworks, boats and vehicles as well as furniture. Due to its nature, shipping oversized freight internationally can be a challenge and requires special handling and equipment. To make your worldwide tradeshow logistics smoother, here’s the way to go.

5 Excellent Ways for Shipping Oversized Cargo Across Borders

1. Packing
Packing oversized loads can be challenging, as the containers may be too small or may not accommodate the shape of the load. This calls for thoughtfulness when packing and choosing the method of shipping. Consider packing in new containers as they can handle the load better than reused containers. 

Use boxes stitched or stapled at the seams as they hold better, although you can reinforce the seams with heavy-duty tapes. For fragile items or those items sensitive to temperature, use foam for insulation to cushion them against impact during transit.

Preparing Oversized Freight for International Tradeshow Shipping

2. Acquire Adequate Insurance
Due to the nature of oversized freight, you need to adequately insure your freight just in case the unexpected happens. Insurance ensures you are compensated or refunded the equivalent of your goods’ value in case of loss or damage. 

Some items can’t be insured or have insurance limits due to their high value for example artworks or precious stones. As such, you need to go through the list of prohibited items so you make informed decisions when insuring your oversized freight. Your worldwide tradeshow logistics partner can help you get better insurance deals than if you try insuring the goods yourself.

3. Get Correct Measurements
Your freight measurements not only affect the type of permit you are issued with but also determine the drayage fees you incur with your carrier. Ensure you have accurate measurements of your freight volume and weight to avoid inconveniences. This is because submitting incorrect dimensions regarding your freight might lead to changed routes and result in late deliveries.

4. Work with a Competent Shipping Partner
A reliable and competent shipping partner, like AMR Group, will make shipping your oversized freight internationally a breeze. We will handle the loading and offloading, which means you don’t have to worry about the cranes and forklifts or any other special equipment needed for these exercises.

Ensure that your worldwide tradeshow logistics partner has connections with carriers and truckers who will deliver your freight to your desired destination. They should also be well versed in custom laws and international shipping regulations regarding oversized freight. This is particularly important as they get to handle most of your paperwork and also help you obtain your permits.

Turn to AMR Group for Oversized International Shipment 
Most of the hurdles that come with shipping oversized freight internationally can be avoided by partnering with a reliable and efficient worldwide tradeshow logistics partner like AMR GroupContact our experts today for all your international oversized-freight shipping needs or questions.