Setting up an eco-friendly tradeshow exhibit not only saves the environment, but it’s also good for your business. Although we live in the digital age, tradeshows are still effective strategies for businesses to demonstrate their products and increase sales. As the tradeshow industry continues to thrive in the US, many tradeshow freight forwarders and exhibitors are becoming more conscious of its environmental impacts and how to reduce carbon emissions and waste. Here are some ways to create an eco-friendlier tradeshow exhibition.

1. Watch your Energy Consumption
Find ways to minimize your energy consumption during the tradeshow. Most tradeshows are conducted in large convention centers or large warehouses with ultra-bright, energy-guzzling lighting systems. If you have a choice to put up your own lighting fixtures, choose energy-efficient LED lights instead of halogens or incandescent to minimize your carbon footprint. Again, if you’re using multimedia displays or presentations, remember to switch off the electronics when not in use.

Environmental Sustainability in the Tradeshow Shipping Industry

2. Use Sustainable Materials as Much as You Can
One simple way to make your tradeshow booth environmentally friendly is to choose eco-friendly materials for your information and booth setup. Strive to source all your paper products (business cards, flyers, pamphlets, etc.) from recycled paper. Do the same for boxes and packaging by using recycle cardboard and low-impact, recyclable packaging materials. Additionally, consider other materials used in your literature and booth display. Choose water-based inks, nylon-free pop-up displays and banners, low or no VOC paints, post-consumer recycled plastics, and bamboo tables and shelves.

3. Reduce Carbon Emissions
While choosing eco-friendly materials and using energy-efficient electronics in your tradeshow are critical for environmental sustainability, the way tradeshow freight forwarders transport your cargo has a significant impact on the environment too. Consider the quantity and type of shipment and strive to consolidate them whenever possible. Also, think about the weight and size of your shipments as heavier, bulkier materials will consume more fuel and impact the environment more. 

4. Recycle Your Display
At the end of each tradeshow, you’ll have to dismantle and take away your tradeshow display. Instead of trashing away unused resources, consider recycling them and reusing them in your next promotional or marketing event. If you find the process of recycling your booth complicated, you can always outsource the task to a professional team. There are companies that can breakdown and recycle all parts of your display, including wooden displays and oversized banners.

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